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learn photorealistic jewelry rendering and post-processing

* This course was created by the 3DJewels team. This is a resource where anyone can find digital assets for their great jewelry designs.

Example of one introductory lecture of the course:


This course is offered in the recorded video lectures format and is available online.

What will be in the course?

  • Hardware & software requirements
  • Tips/tricks, masterclasses, extra materials
  • Preparing the model for rendering
  • Setup materials, lights, cameras, HDRI, textures
  • Rendering
  • Post-processing

The software we will be using:

  • KeyShot ver.10
    (you can use KeyShot ver.10,11 or above)
  • Rhinoceros ver.5
    (you can use Rhinoceros ver.5,6,7 or other 3D software)
  • Adobe Photoshop
    (or another graphics editor)
  • Adobe After Effects
    (or another video editor)

NOTE: additional plugins, ad-dons, or other rendering software are NOT required in this course.

What you’ll learn?

  • Preparing a 3D model for rendering in Rhino
    (smoothing edges, geometry check)
  • Setup materials, textures, lights, and HDRI in KeyShot
    (custom material setups, light setups, HDRI creation)
  • Rendering 3D model in KeyShot 10
    (adjust rendering settings)
  • Render setup turntable animation/still shot
    (animation and a still image creation)
  • Post-processing still image and animation with Photoshop/After Effects
    (post-processing renders with tips and tricks)

Who is this course for?

  • Jewelry 3D designers who want to learn or bench skills of jewelry rendering in KeyShot
  • This course is for beginners, intermediate and professional level artists
  • And anyone who wants to learn high-quality rendering jewelry in KeyShot
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What you can do after completing the course?

At the end of the course, you will be able to create a high-quality jewelry visualization. You’ll understand the workflow and the post-processing process with add dramatic and fashion style to your rendering.


Instructor Dmitry P.

Dmitry P.


As a professional CG artist with experience since 2016, I am well-equipped to share my skills and knowledge in jewelry design to assist other designers.


Time to сomplete

5+ Hours

30 video lectures
Full HD


20+ Resources

Assets and additional
materials included



Only on request
after completing the course


course includes additional materials and masterclasses

Project Ring Sample Render 03


  • materials included in the course: KeyShot scenes, textures, HDRI maps, CAD models
  • course language: English
  • subtitles: Chinese, English, Hindi, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
  • course access after purchase: Permanent and any time
  • video: Full HD (not downloadable)
  • course support is via email
  • course price:$ 149.90 $ 199.90

    (permanent access)


  • About course
  • Hardware & software requirements
  • Preparation and check the model
  • Smoothing the edges
  • Export the model
  • User interface introduction
  • Controls and hotkeys
  • Import model
  • General setups
  • Positioning and manipulating the model
  • Materials
  • Environments
  • Lighting
  • Camera
  • Image & Studios
  • Animation
  • Render options
  • Shadow pass render
  • Mask pass for compositing
  • Model pivot
  • Accelerating rendering
  • High contrast and vivid scene setup masterclass
  • Black background material setup masterclass
  • Realistic diamond material with imperfection masterclass
  • Gemstone materials setup masterclass
  • Photorealistic gold setup masterclass
  • Scratch rose gold with citrine scene setup masterclass
  • Post-processing still image
  • Fast and simple post-processing with Photoshop
  • Compositing Animation in After Effects
  • Completion + all course materials



The course is excellent and complete, I managed to get results that I think I could never achieve on my own. Super recommend the course for those who want to improve the rederização even more. I already had a bit of a sense of keyshot, but this course took me to another level. The organization of classes is excellent. Very good, I loved.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


I liked the course. Having even had some rendering experience before that, i still got a good experience. Dmitriy helped me if i had difficulties. Thx!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Price:$ 149.90 $ 199.90

(permanent access to the course)

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